While everyone claims they can improve your business, we have a proven method that guarantees better performance through increased clarity, defined behaviors, and reduction of friction points. This supports a predictable environment that amplifies your sales.

  • Increase your proficiency and confidence
  • Project your ideal image to the world
  • Communicate effectively with ICM Training™
  • Attract higher-quality prospects
  • Convert more "opportunities" to closed sales
  • Scale by executing the right tasks and the right time
  • Clarify your unique purpose and strengths


A transformational approach to operating your business, with a focus on simplification and actual results. Delivered on the most innovative and customizable mobile platform. Let us help you understand where your business is right now, and then show you the best way to save time and maximize your efforts. 

Who does this work for?

Anyone who identifies themselves as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner and is looking for a better way to run their operations, make sales, and create long-term growth. If you sell a product, or provide a service to another person, this program will work for you. 

Where do I start?

Fill out the application. This program teaches the foundations of our core learning, including the Nine Ambitions - our proprietary business-growth system. This on-demand instruction starts the journey of understanding your unique value and implementing operational frameworks into your business. This allows you to gain momentum and build to higher levels of success.

What are the programs?

For our Corporate users we have three pathways:

BASELINE – Watch trainings, implement the content and resources, and start building the correct structure of your business. Ask questions and get supported on demand. Program access is open for 90 days. The education will last a lifetime. 

GROW SALES – Watch trainings, implement the content and resources, and work 1:1 with a dedicated trainer. Live coaching calls and involvement in a community of other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE – Build skills in our proprietary "Interactive Virtual Training" app to fine-tune your business performance through real-word simulations. Deeper studies into behavioral science methodologies and specific selling methods for your industry. Work with a master coach and be involved in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and invitation-only events. 

Why does it exist?

We have seen the "transformational" benefits after working with hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners - just like you. People who have incredible vision and work ethic, yet are challenged with knowing which systems, timelines, and methods produce the highest results. Our programs focus on your unique abilities and how to best incorporate them into effective, business-building processes. The Nine Ambitions are a system that apply to any size business, no matter how many employees, years in business, or annual revenue. 

When will I see noticeable results?

You will experience improved clarity right away and realize insights into new outlooks. You will learn what motivates you at the deepest level. You will know how to best frame your life to maximize your unique skillsets. 

Most participants start seeing noticeable results throughout the training, as they acquire new skills and knowledge that can immediately be applied to their business. Many will use what they have learned at their very next customer or client interaction. 

What are the long-term benefits?

Advancement of your business through a modern approach that is guaranteed to streamline process and increase sales. You will develop new operating systems, communication methods, and frameworks that foster gains in multiple areas.



Welcome to the future of learning and skills development - delivered in an innovative, mobile-first technology. 

  • 1-on-1 video interaction and live coaching

  • Role play in "real-world" situations

  • Micro-learning training pathways

  • Tonality and inflection feedback loop

  • Accelerated training cycles

  • Providing trackable results for management 




"The last 2 years of involvement has been nothing short of incredible. What my team and I have been through has taken my company to the NEXT level! Probably even saved my company. When you communicate your value correctly all other elements of your business improve dramatically."

Kristen DeChambeau


"The methods I learned made me take action that helped every part of my life. The business 'you' and the personal 'you' are closely intertwined. My real estate business grew when I understood the roadblocks I was creating for myself, and what I learned worked to re-frame every business conversation moving forward."